NOORA is the love letter correspondent babe living in Helsinki this summer with an old camera, many parties and cute girly city-adventurer attitude. Losing her shoes while partying doesn’t stop her - follow her stories on our blog!



We are starting our new acoustic concert series called Love Letters From Indian Summer this Friday at Indian Summer Vintage Store .

From every LOVE LETTERS FROM INDIAN SUMMER show, the artist gets own introducing-blogpost with photos from the gig.

The first act in the series is going to be on the August 3rd the Helsinki-based Johnny Got It Wrong.

Johnny Got It Wrong is for this summer a solo artist who gets his sound from indie-pop and folk. Music is inspired by big men like Damien Rice and Nick Drake with hints of Ryan Adams as well.

Other acts to be playing on the concert series are Greymouth , Black Twig and Milesmore

On Saturday there is Kallio Block Party .

Kallio movement takes over the famous Vaasankatu and brings many talented artists, a rollerdisco and a lot more for the people to see and enjoy.

Jaakko Eino Kalevi , Aino Venna , Kallio Rolling Rainbow roller derby team and many more are to be seen in this event.

Have loads of fun!



"Helsinki experienced something big yesterday.

Bigger than many other things that this city has seen.

It was Bruce - The Boss - Springsteen.

He came to the Stadium, played over 4 hours for 40 000 listeners.

We did not make it to the gig.

But the windy evening gave us the opportunity to hear every song. 

Life after Bruce in this city might be something new. Let’s see! 

Now we calculate days to FLOW FESTIVAL 2012 and the parties there. 

Today I’m dreaming about eating cloudberries and ice cream! In the evening there is time for FOLKS concerts with beautiful people and sun! Maybe finally some night-time swimming too!

Here we go again, now to my sweet garden!”



"One cute Monday morning here, hello.

Coffee tastes better then usual, yogurt is served with fresh berries and mood is good. Why? Well, Helsinki has met its old friend, SUN, again. Sun totally changes the atmosphere here. People smile, laugh and are happy. Streets are filled with roller skates, longboards and bikes.

- And there is music in every corner. Scandinavian summer has begun here (a bit late, but still). This week the city is pampered with many exciting events. Few cool ones are here.

Lasipalatsi Design Markets and Fashion Film Festival treats people with cool Finnish design - like Mary A. Jalava tights! Among these designs the festival introduces short films from young designers and has even a longboard girl movie premiere! Cool djs smooth the market with fresh tunes and event is totally worth checking out.

Great times ahead indeed!

Off to the Monday coffee adventures!”



Helsinki truly treats music lovers with kindness! Whether you are into indie, electro, techno or hiphop - most likely this weekend has something to offer.

For techno kids there is their own festival, Summer Sound, with Tiesto and Avicii hitting some tunes.

For hiphop dudettes there is many cool gigs including the amazing Megaphone State playing in Tavastia.

- Seriously, this band is something worth checking out. Finnish hiphop is rising!

For indie/electro/alternative - the hipster - kids there is the new cool festival called KUUDES AISTI  this weekend.

Lineup varying from Big Wave Riders and Aino Venna to Circle, Black Lips and Shabazz Palaces.

Something for everyone, good djs and many friends.

Even when almost all of my crew is going to go drink the beers and try to remember to see the gigs too in Kuudes Aisti, I feel my heart beating so fast for this hiphop night that I have to attend it.

But there will be life after this weekend as well.

Next weekend the independent Hukka-team is arranging their second HUKKA NIGHT in Bermuda, Helsinki.

Three great acts, amazing indie djs and the urban independent minifestival feeling!

This is going to be nice!

Enjoy and love your beers this weekend!



"This time of a summer - even not so warm one - I usually get a new musical crush. And, oh, it has happened again. I’m all into Finnish boy-girl indie folk duos now.

Eva & Manu have been on my mind since I saw them first time live in Indian Summer Vintage Shop one Friday last summer. Stunning music and stunning duo. Of course, I’m still liking their sound, but now I have another duo to hype!

Minttu & Olli! They have made my Wednesday soundtrack, totally. Just so dynamic that while riding to work, I almost rode pass my office. Oops.

Luckily Helsinki treats my folk-crush with love.

Folks club  is arranged every Wednesday in the amazing Korjaamo and their gigs are well selected and so nice. Many super-awesome singer-songwriters have played and will play there this Summer/Autumn, including Minttu & Olli and Anni Mattila on the August 1st.”



"Today I’m all about bikes. Helsinki is the city made for bikes.Easiest way to get to places, even when it rains.  I believe in cool bicycle helmets, but this city is hot for bikes - even with no helmets.  This week the HELSINKI BICYCLE FILM FESTIVAL is on with movies, nightrides and after parties!

Now I would like to introduce you to three of the coolest Finnish bike brands and bikes.

First one is Pelago. This Finnish bike brand creates practical and sustainable - and cool - bikes for city living. Here is their milk coffee coloured dream bike called Brooklyn.

Le Prince is the first Finnish fixed gear bicycle brand. It all started in a small bicycle store in Turku and they came out with their first Le Prince bike in 2010. These bikes are just awesome and in so pretty colours! I’m in love with these.

And then there is THE classic Finnish bike - JOPO from bike brand Helkama. Jopo is the practical cutie from the 60s, made to suit every rider.

Off to look for cool riders, I go!”



"Friday! Ahoi!

This week has tasted like late nights, grilled sausages (not the tofu ones) and cinnamon buns. Good times and happy moments to remember the whole cold winter. I’m also saving the sleeping part for autumn and winter. Tonight I’m taking my chanson-loving mom to see Aino Venna gig to Semifinal. Going to cool gigs with my parents tells something about them - and me.

They used to play Robert Palmer to each other on the radio and got married in white leather. Nowadays they are still cool. They enjoy new music and are interested in everything happening here.

Oldies but goldies they are.”




"When the weather doesn’t treat us so well and terraces are floating, there are luckily the bars to cheer us.

I might be made of sugar and honey, but a dry apple cider tastes good even in the rainy weather. Just take your umbrella, hop on the tram and hope it to take you to a cozy bar. Corona is a bar that works its magic every time. Step into the bar and you are sure to meet up with many mates. If you are at all into playing pool, you can also treat your mania there. I might not be the best one is pool thought, but I like playing it still. Leaving a bar before turning into a pumpkin next morning in work as tough in Helsinki as everywhere.

Difficult mornings and late nights, been there done that.

Writing on bar toilet walls are classic - even in Finland.”



It’s raining cats and dogs and little children, but Helsinki still keeps surprising me with new events and nights with no sunset.

Weekend treated us with music discussions, Zebra And Snake concert with drummer looking like the God of drums, two amazing days in park concerts and sudden rain. Also cherry flavoured beer made its comeback to my life!

Dancing shoes were used well and good music made hangover mornings easier to cope with.

Helsinki has taught me that the best cure for the accidental hangovers is ice cream - and oh, Finnish ice cream can be good.

Big Wave Riders, Aino Venna, Bon Jouni, Hidria Spacefolk and many others cheered our hangover days.

Park concerts are the thing that makes Helsinki summers unique.

A little or not even a bigger rain scares these Finns away from parks.

Everyone has their raincoats, umbrellas and even newspapers to cover themselves from the rain.

Off to rainy work days!



As Helsinki is taking a break from the sunny days
- I’m not taking any from my adventures in this town.
Acoustic outdoor gigs, football cup for small kids and home-grown strawberries picked from my balcony are the things keeping me occupied lately. Mainly trying not to ride over the football kids… 
One cool dude from Helsinki is my little brother.
Even though he is my LITTLE brother, he is almost 0,5 meters taller than I am.
He is soon-to-be mr. Teacher and knows his music, parties and how to cook.
And yes, girls, he is single and very athletic.

Now that he works in Helsinki ZOO, I don’t really get to crazy-party with him a lot.
… But when there is a party day, this boy really knows how to make it in the human party zoo.
Off to the adventures!



"Rainy Helsinki sends its greets after a sunny happy weekend.

Seaside is the best part of Helsinki.Happy people, swimming and checking out people in their swimming pants and suits.Wine tastes best on the rocks and in a good company.The diet is mainly peas, strawberries and organic hipster fruits.

If sun happens to go down before party boogie is all used, there are cute discoteques that serve Finnish beer in plastic cups and milky cocktails named after Dennis the Menace. DJs play only songs suitable for your dancing shoes and mood and other people have been having as much or more drinks than you.
Helsinki times have turned my hair all blond and fresh.
Pictures of changes coming up later.”



"My first Helsinki Friday has arrived!
The event calendar of Helsinki is blooming with small art festivals in parks, great Finnish gigs, midnight basketball and design walks
- everything an active city girl could ask for a night before having a day-off.
Partying both Friday and Saturday can be tough but with good company, great djs and a nice plastic bottle of not-so-Finnish white wine that can be sorted easily. I am to dance on the street, and go see some street dance at Bermuda Helsinki
The event I am really looking forward is heading to Suomenlinna island with great people. I feel like being in Aino Venna’s Suzette music video!
Here is an oldie goldie photo of my summer adventures few years ago.
Cider and sunny weather is how we make it happen.”



"Every summer in Helsinki is one big pile of adventures.
You can’t survive them without good-looking shoes and sunglasses.
Walking and riding bikes is the way to move and being cool is the style to be.
Best way to spend an easy sunny evening is to get a beer (or six) and head to a park.
Sun doesn’t go down before eleven and the parks are filled with indie bands, hipsters and scandinavian indie hunks.
When you sit down with your beers, you can be sure to meet a lot of old and new friends - and to laugh a lot!
Yesterdays park saldo for me was Finnish beer, one new hot Finnish indie CD, nostalgia and a cheeseburger. 
Helsinki has also given me already some really groovy tan lines.
Seriously I can’t complain!
Tonight we are heading to see one or two gigs to see how Helsinki bands party on a Wednesday.
One of the gigs has this real indie hunk playing there.
He is from a band called Suomen Karvapääkuninkaat 1968 and he hates people who aggressively collect bottles in parks.”

Here is how a park hangout looks like in my hoods.



"I arrived with my huge luggage here yesterday early morning.
Flying to Helsinki is always special. Never have I seen so many drunk business men on their way home.
Morning or evening - whiskey, wine and wurst are served.
Once an older man in his fine suit spilled his coffee, beer and whiskey all to his pants and was so proud of his aiming skills.
He then begged for a kiss as a reward.
These men also come up with the “funniest” pick-up lines including the "I’ve just gotten diabetes, because you are so sweet" - well, not so flattering.
Every time arriving to Helsinki feels extra sweet knowing that the places I go and where I end up in Helsinki never include these guys. They are just the treat for flights.
Helsinki has all its own treats.
And you can be sure I will tell all about them to you this summer.”