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Nordic by Nature loves Flow Festival 2012

This year’s Flow Festival (8.-12.8.2012) in Helsinki was a blast. Presenting a colourful mix of music, art, film and food, the 9nth Flow Festival made it to the most popular and beloved festivals in Europe. International top artists such as Björk, The Black Keys, Lykke Li, Miike Snow and Bon Iver played next to currently hyped and upcoming bands like Friends, Chromatics and French Films. Nordic by Nature got invited by Flow Festival and Visit Finland to uncover the secret of how an awesome festival looks like. And we won’t hesitate to tell you why we still dream of Björk, New York Ninja, Fountains and Lonkerö. 


Cool girls take Flow Festival by storm: Björk and Lykke Li

Even though we have an extraordinary high addiction to small and upcoming Scandinavian bands, we can’t hide our fascination for Björk and Lykke Li. Melancholic and heartbreaking - Lykke Li was giving us all we needed at this Friday night: a woman that is like us, with a lot of drama in her unfulfilled perfect rockstar life. Only that her voice sounded a bit better than ours since we were very much affected by our screaming after each song. Björk seemed to have smaller problems. As the last headliner on Sunday night, she was jumping on stage with her choir girls like a 14 year old and played all the beautiful and weird songs we love. And Björk made all this happen with a very light and concise Icelandic в The visuals were even more colourful than her extraordinary huge wig and we caught us standing like also little 14 year old girls watching the Eiffel Tower from very far away.   

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Friends, Chromatics and Kindness adding the international hype

As we all know by now: not only the big artists but also the currently hyped and beloved ones add a certain quality to a festival. In this case we were blown away by the super great Chromatics who became a number through the movie Drive. Brooklyn band Friends and London band Kindness brought some disco feeling into the Black Tent. And we lived love with Asap Rocky, the Rapper with the Swag.


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Korallreven, French Films, Siinai adding the Scandinavian hype

Surely the Scandinavian hypes that Flow Festival brought to Helsinki could attract our absolute fascination with bands like Korallreven, French Films, Siinai & Moonface, Lindstrøm. French Films would make big things happen on the mainstage on Sunday. And yeah, it wouldn’t have been necessary to see Huoratron’s electro show since everyone at the festival was talking about it afterwards. 

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# Siinai & Moonface

Rising Finnish music scene

As a real tastemaker for Scandinavian music we were especially keen to see Bendagram, Black Twig and Burning Hearts. Phantom who played at our Finnish Wave Night in Berlin got voted to the Open Source Stage and made clear why. Tiiu Helinä a new Finnish singing band got everyone happy and chilled at Wastelands. 

# Burning Hearts

# Phantom

Art and Design

As the World Design Capital 2012, Helsinki and Flow Festival pimped the festival area with some great artwork. Although the whole area was already a big art playground, the festival entry installation Fountain designed by the award winning Harri Koskinen, dropped some love on the festival guests.  

# Fountain

The Other Sound

The festival area consists of several stages, rooms, dj floors and lounge bars. Our favourite spots were Cirko (The Other Sound), a place where we watched concerts in a lying position and Wastelands, an outside area formed like a little arena with hanging balloons everywhere. 

# Tiiu Helinä 

# Quiltland

Flow Cuisine & Lonkerö

After carrying around our bellies, we surely also had to offer them something yammy. The food at Flow Festival gets served by the best restaurants in town and offers a wide range of national, international, sweet, cold and hot food. Our favourite: New York Ninja, Vietnamese kitchen. For the special taste we added always some Finnish Lonkerto our menu. 


Smuggling In the Booze

How funny Finnish people actually are, gets obvious when you watch them enter the festival area. Smuggling in alcohol is considered as a serious athletic discipline at Flow. Bottles were found in hoodies, crotches and caps. But the highlights were the fake pregnant bellies everywhere. 


We have been sweating over this for weeks now! But this is it! FLOW Festival ticket competition is over now and we have already sent out an email to the lucky winner. So you know what you have to do now: run as fast as you can and check your inbox!!!


The Other Sound program for experimental music will also host 3 gigs in the Culture Tram! It will get shakey! 



Are you free August 8th - 12th and willing to blow your mind away with the hottest music ever? Win 1x2 tickets for this year’s Flow Festival! Located on a former power plant in Helsinki, bands like Lykke Li, the Black Keys, Frank Ocean, Hudson Mohawke, French Films, Bobby Womack and many more will amaze you! It’s a piece of cake: just drop us a line on which bands you are dying to see there: wegotoflow@nbnberlin.de


New, fresh and definitely able to make your heart beat faster are those acts, who were just confirmed to play this year as well: ChromaticsKindness,  DāM-FunKDumari & SpugetMannaTiiu HelinäRime and Jori Hulkkonen! Also Anthony and the Johnsons and Charles Atlas will please you with their documentary “Turning” about their dance performance project. 


Seriously, what is better than being surrounded by cool people, hang out in one of the most innovative Scandi cities in august and listen to the best music on planet gogo? 

We totally keep it up for Flow Festival, happening August 8th - August 12th. Put on your pink neon cap, tie your laces and hit the road with us! Here it comes, all the insights you have to know. 


The festival spot is really easy to find, located at the historic Suvilahti former power plant area, close to the city center, metro station Sörnäinen or bus number 68.

We prefer to grab our bikes and cycle there. Flow has a guarded bicycle parkin lot. How awesome is that! Emphasis is on the bands and the vibes, so no camping. But on our SLEEPING page, you can find your personal city sleep in, for sure! 


German folks, get your ticket now at pre-sale for a better price via Tix For Gigs. UK ladies and gentlemen, holla at See tickets. Finland and rest of the world, Tiketti is your place. 

There is also a way to get in for FREE. You have to get your work spirit up for that and join forces with the FLOW team. More infos here

OH, and show them some L O V E!


FLOW cuisine is something we totally embrace each year at the festival! Groteski, Juuri, Pipsa Hurmerinta, Tamarin, Sis, New York Ninja, Four Seasons, Shanghai Cowboy, Vegemesta and Fredan Tori are just some of the restaurants that will - pardon our directness here- create an orgasm in your mouth at both indoor and outdoor venues. 


Now, let’s come to the core of our happiness: the music at FLOW. Some name dropping, just because this line up is so cool we have to give each other a back massage to not freak out yet:

Lykke Li, Miike Snow, Bon Iver, Asap Rocky, Frank Ocean, Korallreven, Siinai, Björk, The Black Keys, Nicolas Jaar, Feist, Flying Lotus, Bobby Womack and our Finnish darlings French Films. Any further questions? 

Close your eyes. Now. Here is the Flow Festival Spotify Playlist 2012. Come with us to the rainbow! 


Istanbul is a special state of mind or feeling, so FLOW will bring Turkey on the scene 2012! A new dawn is starting for this city and you can dig into the music scene as three artists will perform live! BaBa Zula, Kolektif Istanbul and Murat Meric, the globe-trotting DJ. How’s that? 

Africa is the other pearl we want you to embrace together with us at the festival. The Western Sahara and its neighbouring areas are featured through Tamikrest, Orchestre Poly-Rhythmo de Cotonou, Shangaan Electro and Ghanian Hiplife artist Bola. Give it up!


What would Flow Festival be without a proper WE LOVE HELSINKI party? On Sunday, August 12th you can dance like a madman. Get a taste of it here:


We all know that Helsinki is Design Capital 2012 but this liquid treasure here is just mind blowing. While waiting for your friends take a seat next to the Fountain “aqua bar” right by the entrance. In tune with the visual identity of the whole event, the flowing water creates a vibe of serenity and is perfect to relax with free water served, between your heavy dancing and flirting. 


Flow is also pretty keen on travelling, so it made its first stop in Berlin this year! May 30th it was time for Finnish Wave Night, at one of the hippest clubs in town: Prince Charles. Together with us from Nordic by Nature three real ear catchers stormed the stage, such as Black Twig, Bendagram and new Pitchfork baby Phantom


Yes, we know Finnish is a hard language to learn. But seriously: who’s got the cutest words? Let’s take a ride on our “Mopo”! How boring is the English word “motorbike” in comparison?! 

Flow’s Magazine is out now! Yes, it’s in Finnish, but there are many pictures in it and loads of recommendations for Helsinki, plus a dozen cute words. Check it!